Home or Office Space Clearing

Four Directions Wellness offers space clearings for your home or office.

Set your intentions and see those intentions manifest in your location! 
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Space Clearing: Overview

Each of us has had the experience of walking into a room, home or office and getting a certain “feel” for that place.  Think about it for a moment.  What feel does your home have for you?  What words would you use to describe how your office feels?  What about your best friend’s home?  And what of the abandon home down the street?  Hopefully you felt or sensed differences between each location. (And for the record, each room in your house will have a different feel too!)

Something Old is New Again!

The Chinese have known that our living spaces hold particular energies for years and know the importance of working to set the right feel for happiness, abundance, health and all that you wish to manifest. Known as Feng Shui, their process is more comprehensive than this space clearing process, yet seeks to achieve the same results.  And the Chinese are not the only culture to actively work with their environment and its energies. Most cultures recognize and have specific sacred rituals or approaches to clearing the areas and setting personalized intentions.

Congratulations!  It seems that you too are interested in learning how to properly clear the current energies from your living space, setting your personalized intentions.

Four Directions Wellness is pleased to collaborate with you!  There are two ways to proceed. Four Directions Wellness founder, Mara Benner, is available for in-person space clearing. The second option is a phone consult only. In this option, you learn how to clear a space!  Whether in person or by phone, you will be instructed on how to keep your particular space resonating with your intentions.


Home or Office Space Clearing:  Onsite

Let’s talk about an in-person home or office space clearing. You are going to really enjoy this Four Directions Wellness offering!

The space clearing requires two steps: 1) an intial phone consultation for planning purposes and 2) the actual in-person visit. The total cost of the space clearing is $250. (If you live outside of Alexandria, there is an additional $50 for each hour of travel to and from the location.)

Initial Phone Consult:

The initial phone consult is held to properly plan in advance for our session at the location. We will discuss your intentions and what you wish the space to hold after the clearing. If possible, it is helpful to have the floor plans or a drawing of the space for our discussions. We will discuss options to help further bolster the intentions such as crystals or sacred objects. Those items will need to be purchased by the client in advance of our in-person session. Four Directions Wellness provides all clearing supplies for the space.

Space Clearing Onsite Session:

We are now ready for the actual energetic clearing! You have all of your additional items purchased and at the location. We will begin the hour-long process. All details and information will have been worked out during our phone call.

Now enjoy the feel of your space resonating with your intentions!

Space Clearing:  Phone Consult Only

Are you interested in clearing your own space? Then this option is perfect for you. Schedule today your personalized consult call.

During the call, we will acheive the following: 1) discuss the current situation; 2) explore your intentions and objectives for the location; 3) offer recommendations for how to accomplish your intentions and goals, and 4) provide instructions on how to clear and set those intentions.

Let’s schedule your call today to begin!