A message from our founder, Mara Benner

Mara Benner, our founder

I want to personally welcome you to Four Directions Wellness!

After 30 years in healthcare, I along with so many others now realize that health and wellness are more than simply an annual health check-up or a doctor’s appointment to address a singular physical symptom. It is about the whole of you – your emotions, your mental environment, your inspirations and passions and your physical health. Hence the name Four Directions Wellness, helping to make the connections between body, mind, emotions and spirit!

Whether your current inner signals for wholeness and balance come as a result of stress, depression, lack of sleep, a chronic illness, or simply a longing for something different, Four Directions Wellness is about partnering with you to support your health and wholeness.

As a health and wellness coach I am personally committed to your wellness journey. That commitment recognizes the importance of a true and confidential partnership with you. One where quality of our dedicated time together is of utmost importance. Please let me know how I can help you.

Along with a commitment for individual wellness journeys, Four Directions Wellness also supports the adoption of “whole person” healing modalities to our current healthcare system, combining the best of western and eastern philosophies. If you are a business or healthcare practitioner or provider and would like to incorporate new healing modalities into your healthcare offerings, my commitment to you is one of leadership and organization for excellence in its adoption. Your offerings would receive customization to best suit your needs and interests.

Thank you for visiting Four Directions Wellness today. I would be honored and privileged to partner with you.

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About Mara

Mara has always been intrigued by our body-mind-emotions-spirit connections and holistic care. Her passion is in how we can adopt “whole person” care in partnership with the current healthcare system and more importantly with each person.

Prior to forming Four Directions Wellness, Mara has enjoyed over 30 years in healthcare, working at various times in hospitals, nursing homes, home health, Hospice and elder protective services. She received a degree in Gerontology, and has worked at the federal and state level on healthcare and aging policy. One of the most important perspectives Mara has gained is as a family caregiver and seeing firsthand our healthcare system from the eyes of a patient. These combined experiences have provided a more complete picture of our need for integrative and “whole person” healthcare.

Mara Benner in front of wooden flower artwork
Mara Benner meeting with client

Mara has also undergone extensive training throughout her lifetime in mindfulness, healing modalities, spiritual exploration, and coaching. She is also currently in training for medical intuition. Among Mara’s expertise, she is recognized with the following:

  • Reiki Master
  • Certified Integrative Reflexology Practitioner
  • Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner
  • Certified Shamanic Healing Apprenticeship
  • Certified Qigong Training
  • Certified Crystal Healer
  • Interfaith/Interspiritual Ordination
  • Certification for Intuitive Counseling

Through all of her experiences, she recognizes that whether for preventative care, acute or chronic disease or to simply take a closer look at our inner selves, the body-mind-emotion-spirit connection is a critical journey for each person’s health and vitality. Mara lives with her biggest supporter and husband, Steve, in Alexandria, Virginia. While Steve enjoys a day of golfing, Mara would prefer a day of Reiki shares. They are both thankful to enjoy their amazing family and friends. For more details on Mara’s career, please visit her LinkedIn.

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Mara Benner with husband, Steve