Four Directions Wellness is an integrative healing provider, based in Alexandria, VA and focused on connecting body, mind, emotions and spirit. Affiliated with the GW Center for Integrative Medicine, we collaborate with individuals to explore all aspects of their lives for healthier and more complete living. Our services complement the medical care provided by traditional healthcare practitioners with a wealth of other services – individual sessions, classes and consulting. Whether your health is impacted by stress, depression, lack of sleep, a chronic illness or simply a longing for something different in improving your mental and physical well being, we are your partner.

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Four Directions Wellness Announces New Healing Journey Cards

Four Directions Wellness announces the launch of its “Your Healing Journey: Mind – Body – Spirit.” This beautiful and unique set of 40+ healing cards offers the perfect opportunity for self-reflection and insights. Each card supports your healing journey with an inspirational quote, a thought-provoking question or an insightful exercise. Don’t wait. Start now to begin your journey. Each healing journey card set is only $20. Just in time for the holidays, be sure to purchase for a friend or loved one too. Cards are available for pick up at Four Directions Wellness.

If you would like the cards shipped within the United States, an additional $5 will be applied for shipping and handling. Thank you and enjoy!

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