Business & Healthcare Opportunities

Businesses & Healthcare Opportunities

Four Directions Wellness is committed to the adoption of body-mind-emotions-spirit care with healthcare providers, practitioners and businesses. Four Directions Wellness offers consulting services, employer wellness services, and group discounted individual sessions. Whether seeking to incorporate an integrative department within your business, hospital, physician practice, nursing home, home health, assisted living facility or hospice, Four Directions Wellness is here to assist.

If keeping employees healthy and reducing their stress is a priority for your business, Four Directions Wellness will work with you to establish a customized program to support your workforce. Another option is the availability of individual sessions through a discounted group rate. Four Directions Wellness is available to tailor an approach best suited for your needs.

Please refer to our “Learn More” section for additional evidence-based research supporting the body, mind, emotions and spirit approach.

Healthcare Organizations:

  • 1. In 2011, the American Hospital Association found that 42% of responding hospitals indicated they offer one or more complimentary and alternative medicine therapies (CAM).

  • 2. Healthcare providers will soon need to incorporate alternative approaches within their systems whether they are hospitals; nursing homes; assisted living facilities; home health agencies or hospices. And many have all ready begun.

  • 3. Congress, State legislatures and healthcare governing bodies are now seeking ways to adopt complimentary and alternative therapies. As of January 1, 2015, the Joint Commission on Healthcare Accreditation requires healthcare entities under PC.01.02.07 to seek alternative approaches to pain management beyond pharmaceutical drugs. Their recommendations were not all inclusive but suggested relaxation therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, acupuncture therapy and others.

  • 4. The National Institute on Health (NIH) reports in 2012 that complimentary and alternative medicine includes the following: acupuncture; massage; energy healing therapies; Reiki; guided imagery/meditation; Qigong; Tai Chi; Yoga; spiritual care; nutrition and traditional healers such as Botanic or Shamanic.

How can we help you?

There are numerous ways for Four Directions Wellness to assist healthcare providers and businesses. The following provides some considerations. The best approach, however, is to organize an initial meeting to determine needs and customize the plan meet your goals.

For Healthcare Providers

  • Adoption of Integrative Healthcare:

    Your healthcare organization may be interested in developing an integrative offering within its system. Four Directions Wellness can assess your needs and help to develop a plan of action for you. Some of the key areas to seek results include:

  • Increased patient census with integrative offerings.

    Reduced clinician burnout with integrative offerings to support your workforce.

    >  Implementation of integrative offerings within quality metric and to lower rehospitalizations.


  • Support for your Employees: recently surveyed employees who were leaving their current position. The results were that an astonishing 42% of employees were changing their jobs due to stress. Four Directions Wellness is here to help and support your employees through on-site offerings. Contact us for more information and a customized proposal.

  • Group Sessions for Patients:

    As a healthcare provider, you might benefit from offering body, mind, and spirit group sessions to your patients. Group sessions depend on the group but may offer Reiki, meditation and mindfulness practices, bodywork, and Integrative Reflexology as some examples. They may also offer a combination of all.

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